Come. Walk on the wire, far above the things we know

What we do

We are singer/songwriters and performers.  

We enjoy writing and performing folk, blues 

and country music.  

We have written songs for  special occasions, charitable causes and organizations.

Upcoming Events

We are honoured to be performing at the 16th Annual 'Christmas Goose' Concert at the 4th Stage on December 2nd at 3pm.  Each year, this show has great music and it is a wonderful fundraiser for the Ottawa Food Bank.

Get your tickets early for it is always a sold out show.

Naughty and Nice Holiday Show

No need for a Blue Christmas. 

 We would enjoy helping make your days Merry and Bright by performing 

at  your Holiday event.



- “I am in awe of the way your music and lyrics keep spiraling deeper and deeper into the common human experience that makes them so very touching and memorable.  They are unique and very powerful and beautiful.”

Kate Marshall-Flaherty


Ottawa musicians Anne Hurley and Jim Videto's dedication to crafting their music to complement the themes from the 'Memory and Loss' book were splendid and powerfully effective in bringing us all together.”

David Brydges, Artistic Director, Spring Pulse Festival


December 2, Christmas Goose, Ottawa

December 1, 2018 Concert with Acacia Lyra, Ottawa

October 28, 2018, Hesperus, Toronto

September 8 2018, Porchfest Ottawa

August 12, July 29, 2018  Britannia Coffee House  and Beachconers 

June 2018, Just Voices, Summer Solstice Concert

May, 2018, Toronto-Vancouver- Toronto, Artists on Board, Via Rail - performed from Toronto to Vancouver and back

April 28, 2018, Ottawa Grassroots Festival

April 13, 2018, Ottawa,  Great Canadian Song Along

December 12, 2017, Toronto, Christmas Show

December 3, 2017, Ottawa, Naughty and Nice Holiday Show

November 28, 30, Ottawa,  Medieval Dinner

October 17, 2017, Jasper, Alberta, Opening for Via and the Derailliers

October 17, 2017, Jasper, Alberta, Alpine Summit Lodge

October 14, 2017, Edmonton Alberta, Wild West Poetry Fesitval

October 13, 2017,  Edmonton Alberta,  Fundraiser for the Alberta Northwest Territories Alzheimer Society

June 29th &July 1, 2017-Ottawa, Canada Day Celebrations

June 24, 2017-Scarborough, Ontario

May 20, 2017-Renfrew, Ontario   

April 22, 2017- Cobalt, Miners Tavern 

April 20,21 2017-Cobalt, Spring Pulse Poetry -Arts Festival

Feb. 2, 2017-Ottawa, St. Patrick's Home, Memory and Loss book launch, Fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society

Jan. 29, 2017-Toronto, Hesperus Village Concert

Dec. 3, 2016-Christmas Goose Concert, NAC 4th Stage

Nov. 19, 2016- Ottawa, Pressed Cafe, Memory and Loss book launch 

Nov. 17,18 , 2016-Toronto, Memory and Loss book launch 

April 24, 2016-Ottawa Grassroots Festival, Finalists in the Gils Hootenanny Sing along song writing contest

April 16, 2016-Pressed Café Ottawa , 'The Road Show' Can. League of Poets
Nov. 19, 2016-Pressed Café
Feb. 27, 2016-Grinder Café, Fundraiser for Syrian refugees, Toronto
Feb 26, 2016-Madhaus Café   

Dec 5, 2015-Christmas Goose,  NAC 4th stage   

Stage Plot


Anne  Keyboard

Mic stand

Vocal Mic

DI box

120 volt power

Jim  Acoustic Guitar

Mic stand

Vocal mic

DI Box