Come. Walk on the wire, far above the things we know


 Anne Hurley and Jim Videto sing, play and compose their own songs in the progressive folk genre. 

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Anne Hurley and Jim Videto have been playing music together for 7 years.  Together they form the group 'Walk On The Wire'.  Anne comes from a classical background and folk and country music have been influences in Jim's life.

Jim's lyrics have allowed Anne to explore many styles of music and Anne's music have challenged Jim to take new directions and risks in writing. Their music is thoughtful, heartfelt and reflect images of nature and a range of emotions and experiences.  

They have great fun creating new music and audiences enjoy the comfort they have in playing and singing together and in their friendly banter on stage.

For the past couple of years, Anne and Jim have been performing shows with their good friend Kate Marshall-Flaherty, an accomplished poet and writer from Toronto.  These shows are beautifully woven between Word and Song.  They reflect themes, emotions and vignettes from the ordinary miracles of our lives. 

Anne Hurley

Anne Hurley is proud to be part of a talented, musical family.  It is not uncommon to hear Christmas


 Anne Hurley is proud to be part of a talented, musical family.  
After completing her degree in music from Ottawa  University, she taught piano, directed choirs and high school musicals, worked in a bank, got married and started a family. She started composing in the early 80’s in between changing diapers, making meals and waiting for students to arrive.  She released her first CD of original piano solos in 1998, titled  'RIDING THE WIND'.  In 2004 Anne released two more CDs,  'IN BETHLEHEM', original and re-interpreted traditional Christmas songs and  'A CHILD EMMANUEL', Christmas songs on piano only.  The highlight of her CD release concert occurred when her extended family joined her on stage to sing and play one of their favorite family carols.

Anne loves to compose and she especially enjoys putting lyrics to music.

Jim Videto


Jim first sang on a local Pembroke radio station Christmas program when he was 4 years old.  This set the stage for things to come, many, many years later.

Music has always been a part of Jim’s life with influences from Nova Scotia on his fathers’ side and the Ottawa Valley on his mothers’ side. Early years were spent playing and singing with family and at kitchen parties or around the campfire.  Country and folk music were big influences.

In 2009 Jim and his brother formed the band Slytly Off, playing mostly covers at work functions and parties.  Jim started writing and composing original songs at this time.

Anne joined the band in 2010 and she and Jim started writing original songs in 2011.

Walk on the Wire

No One To Blame


I No Longer Can

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